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Hat and Snood Purple

This handmade hat and snood are bright purple in colour and the unique pattern will let your personality show through. Buy together and stay warm and beautiful this season.

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Bundle's Details

Hat and Snood Peach

Woolen snood is perfectly holds the form, almost does not crumble and as a result, does not require ironing.

Purple Bundle contains 50% of wool and 50% of acrylic. Acrylic is a great artificial material. It is breathable, warms well and has a good wear resistance.

These hat and snood are more resistant to wear because all things are made from a single piece of material, and they have no seams.



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Whool 50% /
Acrylic 50%

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Our team is using high-quality wool to create the best hand-crafted knitted goods which will perfectly serve you in cold weather. We have selected each clew of wool with maximum attention to the details to be sure that structure and quality of the final product will be outstanding.

Woolen Materials
Peach Snood

How it's made

To bring this marvelous product to life, we have connected two countries and about a dozen people who are enthusiastic about the product and delivering an excellent experience. We have two teams which are located on two different continents, one in Kyiv, Ukraine and another one in Toronto, Canada.


You need it

Knitted snood and hat looks very nice with all sorts of coats, especially woolen and cashmere. You can also wear this accessory with leather or denim jackets, long cardigans, sweaters and other clothes. There is nothing warmer and cozier than a knitted cloth in cold weather.

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